A woman with a history of abandoning animals received 18 months in prison Monday for neglecting a pit bull, causing its death.

Kathryn Portman was convicted of a felony charge of cruelty to animals and a misdemeanor charge of unlawful abandonment or confinement of an animal, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office said.

She also has an additional three months of probation.

Portman, who had been living at the motel for eight or nine months, was arrested last year after reportedly abandoning her dog, Bruno, after she was kicked out of the Sands Motel in January, according to the sheriff’s office. Bruno had mange, an ear infection and was underweight.

Bruno was brought to Paws2Help to be looked at by a veterinarian, but died shortly afterwards.

An employee at the motel claimed when he saw Bruno four months before his death, he looked perfectly healthy, the sheriff’s office said. However, he hadn’t seen the dogs since and assumed he’d been given away.

Portman was behind on rent and was told she needed to leave the property, according to the sheriff’s office. Once she was gone, housekeeping went to clean the room and found it covered in debris, garbage, dirty diapers, urine and feces.

Bruno. who was abandoned in the room, was very skinny with no hair and appeared to be sick.

The employee and his girlfriend brought Bruno to his office, where they fed him and gave him water, the sheriff’s office said. The dog drank several bowls of water and ate an entire bowl of food. They brought Bruno to Paws2Help two days later, but his health declined quickly.

While Bruno was being moved by the vet staff, Bruno stopped breathing and died, according to the sheriff’s office.

This isn’t the first time Portman has left her animals behind.

She has abandoned a total of three animals in Palm Beach County, including Bruno, the sheriff’s office said. Palm Beach County Animal Control impounded her first two animals in 2013. They were saved in time to be adopted.

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