A vegan or vegetarian diet can immensely and positively change an individual’s state of health. In numerous statements and studies by well-known, respected researchers and organizations a plant-based diet always presents more benefits than negative effects. This lifestyle has even been stated to be able to prevent or reverse four diseases and health problems. The dangers of a high-protein diet – while they cause short-term weight loss can cause an increased risk of health problems or even death as shown in the study posted onto Cell Metabolism in 2014. The variety of new studies is increasing and shows the benefits that a plant-based diet can apply to an individual’s health.

The four diseases that can be prevented or reversed by a vegan diet include:

• High Blood Pressure can be worsened by a diet high in sodium, fat, and cholesterol which tends to be scarce in a vegan diet. The Vegan Resource group has done studies on the health benefits that this lifestyle can have on your blood pressure which can be found in the links below. They state in the study that, “The group identified as vegans had a lower average blood pressure than did non-vegetarians.” (AGR)

• Studies show that a vegan diet can prevent and even reverse Type 2 Diabetes. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) have found studies that state a low-fat, plant-based diet was more successful at preventing this condition than the option given by the American Dietetic Association (ADA).

• A plant-based diet lowers your risks and can prevent cancers including breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colon cancer from forming. Many studies show that a low-fat, plant-based diet paired with regular exercise can be a preventative to such cancers. Think of it this way: When meats are cooked (including broiling or frying) at high temperatures, it creates heterocyclic amines (HCAs) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), compounds linked with some cancers. So basically, avoiding compounds and chemicals that animal products can contain, you can lower your risk of obtaining this disease.

• Heart disease and other problems including heartburn can be prevented and lowered through a plant-based diet that is low in cholesterol. A diet high in fat, calories, and cholesterol which tends to be lacking in a vegan diet is a main cause of heartburn. An example showing this diet’s benefits can be seen within my own family: My father has not drunk a single glass of milk for more than a few months now and has yet to have his heartburn come back. Before this, he had a glass a day… Kind of like our doctors and televisions tell us we need to stay strong and healthy! Overall, this shows you that not only can the diet benefit you but that the industry isn’t all that trustworthy when it comes to your health.

We have now covered four main diseases that can be prevented or even reversed because of a Plant-Based Diet. Despite what well-known associations may explain to us, animal products will never surpass the high standards of plant-based food products as numerous studies show. As long as your diet is well balanced, you can easily be a much healthier human being by adopting a vegan lifestyle. By converting to this diet an individual is able to apply these positive benefits to their health and life overall. Any questions can easily be answered through researching in this website including contacting Namastera with questions. We encourage you to try this lifestyle and always lend out a helping hand to get you to your goal – good luck on your journey!

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Hannah Sullivan

Hannah Sullivan

There is obviously a lot more to me than animal activism, but it has always been a huge part of my life and will forever be as I go into a career of wildlife rehabilitation. As of now, I am fifteen years old, and want to be a part in educating others being blinded by industries rooted in the fear and cruelty of other sentient beings. I want to see peace between every species and the mindsets of people change positively.
Hannah Sullivan

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