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Our mission is to celebrate and inspire plant-based living and serve as a catalyst for more people to become connected with their food source.

Namastera is a resource for a community of people craving more information about the shifting paradigm in our culture.  When we work together, we can end the intolerable animal suffering and environmental destruction.  While Namastera serves as a supportive community platform for vegans, it is also intended to be a toolbox of information and resources to support those who have considered transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle, but who have limited knowledge about living this lifestyle.  We are here to educate and provide a forum where people can learn the truth on all things vegan from others who are living a vegan lifestyle.  

“Namastera” – welcoming a new era in which we can respectfully co-exist and honor the light in every living being.

Why Plant-Based Living?

Plant-Based Living is Healthy

There is mounting evidence that we no longer need to eat animals to thrive and, in fact, eliminating meat and animal fats from our diet has helped to reduce the risk of life-threatening illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer and obesity. A vegan lifestyle has become more convenient in recent years and a wide variety of new vegan products have entered the market to meet demand. We can thrive on a plant-based diet and live the healthiest life imaginable.

Veganism is Good for Our Environment

Animal agriculture has become one of the most destructive forces in the world. Renowned climatologists have concluded that unsustainable livestock farming is the number one contributor to climate change. GMO corn, alfalfa and other grains used as feed for livestock is laden with pesticides, herbicides and nitrate fertilizer and is unhealthy for both human and animal consumption.

Veganism Prevents Needless Suffering

Millions of people die of hunger while working in the fields to grow food to feed livestock and die of preventable diseases cause by the consumption of animal foods. Animal beings suffer from the moment they are born to the moment they die, and often experience a horrendous death. We do not need to be a part of this cruelty any longer.  

Veganism Is An Enlightened Way of Living

As the movement grows, so do the options for embracing this lifestyle. With a growing number of food and apparel manufacturers meeting demand with vegan products, it is now more convenient than ever to make the change. We have peace of mind knowing that needless suffering of animals, catastrophic environmental consequences and preventable human disease ends when we make a conscious choice to embrace change.

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